• Holding home Bible studies to assist local church planting programs.
  • One-on-one discipling of new believers or those searching.
  • One-on-one discipling of believers to help them grow in their faith.
  • Reviving “Pinewood Car Derby” car races.  There would be individual races at churches (potentially about 20 churches) that are associated with the camp, with a Grand Finale held at the camp where all local church winners (and parents) come to compete.  There would also be a time of fellowship with a gospel message being presented at each race.

Church Planting

Grace Baptist Church – Church plant in the Black Township of Lingelethu Township Malmesbury.  This ministry was being run by missionary Russ & Barbara Stockman before they retired in November 2016.  This ministry will include:

  • Teaching children’s and teenager’s Sunday School classes.
  • Running the teen ministry.
  • Occasionally preaching the main Sunday church service.
  • Visitation in the township.

Christian Camping

Paardeberg Mountain Retreat is a Christian Camp and Conference Center near Cape Town – a year-round facility meeting the needs of local fundamental churches.  This ministry will include:

  • Teaching, counseling & assisting operating youth camps, church retreats & conferences.
  • Maintaining camp facilities. This includes creating and implementing a Proactive Maintenance Plan for the camp systems including water system, septic system, electrical system, road maintenance, hot water heaters, maintenance of cabins and decks and bush/vegetation control.
  • Keeping the camp’s financial books.
  • Preparing the camp for camps/retreats/rentals and cleaning cabins/chalet/common buildings after use.
  • Helping to maintain the camp’s Website and Facebook page.

Other potential areas of ministry include:

  • Overseeing construction of additional double cabins. Construction of an additional cabin is expected to start in 2017.
  • Teaching at camps/retreats.
  • Being involved in the following camp expansions:
    1. Design and building of parking area(s)
    2. Making camp accessible for people with physical handicaps
  • Water and septic systems (as needs increase)
  • Potential picnic pavilion and additional double cabins.

Do you want to know more about Paardeberg Mountain Retreat?  Then visit their Website or Facebook page!